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After The announcement of PandaCraft 3.0 Being pixelmon, PandaCo has announced that PandaCraft 3.0 will be coming out this week or maybe even today! Now The map is only 15% done, and there will be some issues. but you will be able to do things as battle the first second, and maybe even the third gym!
Views: 484 | Added by: [CEO]AlexTheEpic99 | Date: 2014-02-24 | Comments (3)

PandaCraft 3.0 Has been decided as......................................................................................................................................................PIXELMON 3.0!
Views: 483 | Added by: [CEO]AlexTheEpic99 | Date: 2014-02-22 | Comments (0)

Last Day To Vote on what type of server PandaCraft 3.0 will be. The voting will end at 8:00 P.M Central American time.
Views: 402 | Added by: [CEO]AlexTheEpic99 | Date: 2014-02-21 | Comments (0)

PandaCo website has now a new design as you can see. It has easier page finding, and is more easy to see.
Views: 412 | Added by: [CEO]AlexTheEpic99 | Date: 2014-02-21 | Comments (0)

Their has been some dispute between what pandacraft 3.0 should be. on the Home page we have a poll lasting till February 21 2014. WHich ever has more votes, will be the type of sever pandacraft will be.

Views: 404 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2014-02-18 | Comments (0)

Pandacraft 3.0 May now not be what you think. PandfaCo is working on a Pixelmon server that can hold up to 25 people. The server will cost a total of $75 dolars, and 20$ a month. Please help us set up the server, We will set up a donation page. Anyone who donates will automaticly recieve A Ultru Starter kit once the server goes up. This kit includes:
-3 Master Balls
-New Running shoes
-A fossil of users choice.
-A stone of users choice
-25 Rare candies
-And A Random shiny pixelmon
The pri ... Read more »
Views: 445 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2014-02-13 | Comments (0)

PandaCraft Tekkit server will soon be updating to v3.0. New Updates will include.

-Save Inventory
-Larger Shops
-Trade-o-mat Area

*and much much more you will have to wait and see!
Views: 404 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2014-01-28 | Comments (0)

DTM is now Out!

Compete against the other team to destroy their obsidian.

Earn ladder points, and rank up!

This is XBOX360 Only NOT XBOX ONE

TO ENTER MSG xXAlexTheEpicXx on XBOX360 Saying you want to play.
Views: 376 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2014-01-20 | Comments (0)

Destroy The Monument is a new Game mode coming to PandaCo XBOX360 Minigames.

2 Teams fight to destroy the other teams monuments.

You have to have good strategy to win this.

You will be given gear also.
Views: 349 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2014-01-06 | Comments (0)

This newyears There will be a new minigame coming out on on XBOX360 Minecraft
Views: 339 | Added by: PandaCo | Date: 2013-12-29 | Comments (0)

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